This site details the work carried out by Expert Psychology Consultancy.

Services featured cover psychology services, psychology and psychotherapy training, risk assessments, counselling, expert witness assessments, diagnostic assessments, cognitive assessments, capacity assessments, assessments of intelligence, assessments of learning disability, trauma assessments, Asperger Syndrome assessments, Panerai Replica Watches, Autistic Spectrumm Disorder assessments, Personality Disorder assessments, and assessments for use in civil and medico-legal proceedings.

Additional services shown cover therapy sessions in relation to family proceedings, a range of training packages include training in the HCR-20:V3, the SAPROF and the RSVP. In addition, the site shows a range of clinical training packages to help mental health professionals and other professionals nationwide to develop their skills and broaden the services they provide.

We have expert clinical psychologists available across the whole of the UK